Weak Apple DEP Authentication leads to vulnerability
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James Barclay, Senior R&D Engineer at Duo Labs, in the linked article, has pointed out a vulnerability emerging from Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP), where they discovered an authentication weakness which creates the said vulnerability when used by enterprises to auto-enroll devices in their Mobile Device Management (MDM) server:

» Weak Apple DEP Authentication Leaves Enterprises Vulnerable to Social Engineering Attacks and Rogue Devices

Mounting Concerns over China-US Trade Friction
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As per Hong Kong Trade Development Council’s Economy Research Report published recently, the HKTDC Export Index plunged by 18.3 points from its 29-quarter high of 54.1 in 2Q-2018 to the contractionary territory at 35.8 in 3Q-2018, the largest quarterly drop since 2Q-2006 and indicates that Hong Kong’s export growth may have lost some momentum, at least over the near term. Read the full report:

» HKTDC Export Index 3Q18: Mounting Concerns over China-US Trade Friction

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